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In the first article we talked about the first step to increasing balance which is stabilizing the spine, mainly the area between the hips and the ribs. Balance is not a static position, it is a dynamic ability to maintain posture or body position in which distributed forces are in equilibrium through an even distribution of weight and muscle tension, allowing the individual to remain in a steady and correct body position.  This is extremely important in not only avoiding injury, but also applying the necessary forces to fine tune movements and generate power. Once the spine is stabilized the next step is to work on limb stabilization. When first working on stabilizing the lower body (will talk about shoulder stability in another post) it is best use something stable to hold onto, so you can allow the body to find the proper muscles to use to maintain proper balance. Once you can maintain balance on one leg the next step is to be able to balance while moving.

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First you need to work in building stability in a forward and backward motion (sagittal plane for the fitness nerds like me). Starting here will increase the ability to maintain proper spinal alignment while swinging your club, this will also allow the shoulders and upper back to do the rotation and keep the stress off the low back and prevent a weight shift back on to your heels. After stabilizing in the sagittal plane, the next step is to stabilize side to side (frontal plane). Working stability side to side will reduce the sway in your swing and allow for a more efficient swing that will allow you to get your hips through and help maximize power. The last step is to work stability while doing rotational movements (transverse plane). This is where you will be hold a strong posture while turning through your backswing all the way through your follow through.

The single leg (SL) deadlift is one of the best exercises for developing sagittal plane stability, while also strengthening hip extension that is used to generate power in your golf swing.